Surfing Bali

Surfing Holiday BaliSurfing in Bali is world class. The most famous surfing beaches are situated in the south, thirty minutes from Kuta. Here you will find beautiful white sandy beaches. Some of the best are Bingin, Uluwatu and Padang Padang. For the beginner surfer Kuta Beach is a good place to start as it’s easy to get hooked up with a surf course and surfboards are available for rent anywhere around Kuta. There are also several shops selling boards.

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The best beaches for surfing in Bali actually vary depending on the time of year you are going to Bali for surfing but make no mistake Bali is a surfers’ mecca, with amazing waves during both the rainy season (east coast) and dry season (west coast). An advantage of the “rainy” period is that there are less tourists in Bali, from a surfing point of view this means more waves for you. Rainy season (or wet season) sounds a bit boring but actually it means normally a couple of downpours a day and the rest of the time it’s sunny.

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